Zhang Zhengguo:<<Yamba, an Ocean Vista>>

Yamba, an Ocean Vista
A Truck Driver and the Moon

After settling in, I go to the escarpment, sitting at the foot of the lighthouse.
The surroundings become silent by the varying, rotating beacon light.
Every time the shaft of light tries to extend itself further across the sea surface,
It gets lost in the darkness.
On some nights however,
When the Moon hangs over the sea,
At the far end of the shimmering reflections of the moonlight,
The horizon is visible.
The weakness of the artificial light makes me feel
That only the Moon can quieten down this fathomless stretch of water.

The Pacific Hotel, where I am staying,
overlooks the ocean.
In the distance I enjoy the sweeping view of the phosphorescent blue sea and
the calm glaring sun above it, on the horizon.
Closer to the shore white waves grow larger, from ripples, rolling towards me,
With the biggest one disintegrating in a second when it reaches the beach,
Demonstrating a kindred relationship between the Pacific Ocean and Yamba

Zhang zheng guo